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“Who can be creative, can paint his way, can paint his being, will create his OWN world…”

Andrea Schwery

My name is Andrea Schwery.

I am a freelance artist, wife and mother of two children. Well actually of four, we are a patchwork family.

The painting is much more than a relaxing hobby for me. It’s what I love. I paint since I was a little girl. All of my pocket money I carried to the nearest store, the main thing there was to buy pens and pads or coloring books. I loved it, breathing in colorful life on the colorless images on printed Paper. Or to let my imagination run wild on white paper. In adulthood I tried new things. Just never gave me only one, as only acrylic paint or pens. I wanted to do it differently. And so I tried gradually to establish various artworks, I began to mix.

Mixing so many materials opened up new possibilities. Uncertainty was there not an unknown companion. But today I can properly say, that mixing different things is mine. It is what reflects me. I love to play, to try me and to discover every day new things with shapes and colours.

Life has so many art-full things. And I enjoy it, to turn it into my art, because… art is a matter of opinion.

Art is a matter of opinion

That is my guiding principle in my work. Every artist works in his own way. Works with a wide variety of materials or surfaces.Every artist creates his or her own art. So am I.

I can’t exactly describe how I work… of course I can describe my techniques… but that wouldn’t be MY work.

My environment, nature, short moments in my life, that inspires me.
I look around… and then a feeling comes over me, which is hard to describe.

That’s why I’m saying it like this:

I see the motif with my heart, work it out with my soul and put it on paper with my head. My hands will do the rest.

That’s how I create my works, with all that I am.

Andrea Schwery


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